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Chain sickle cabins for  working with manual or automatic electrostatic devices - robots
Adequate ventilation (5000 m3/h – 13000 m3/h) garrantese  safe working without safty gear. The ventilation flow is controlled by a rotation regulator. The cabins are appropriately illuminated. Thay also be fitted with a rotating conveyor for serial production.
                   The painting cabins with a cyclone are units where the applying of powder paint on treated object is done by electrostatic appliance. The unit is a composition of a cabin where the painting is done, a cyclone for high effective powder collecting, filter unit with special antistatic filters.           The purpose of these cabins is to enable rational use of the paint, without much loss and to provide a much cleaner and safer working environment. When painting  a great deal of the dose not attach to the treated surface (over 40°). This extra powder paint is collected thru the cyclone and filters and can be reused, which gives you a 99° utilization of the paint.
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The standard dimension for the cabins ar:     - K-2 (2000x1800x900 mm)     - K-3 (2500x2000x900 mm)     - K4 (3000x2200x1200 mm)       - Dubble cabin with 2 working spaces (4000X2200X120 mm )        - K-22 (cabin for painting in 2 colors – 2000X1800X900 mm) We also produce cabins to suit your needs if our standard dimension we not suitable for you.
by Termostil team
The filter unit is composed of 6 antistatic filters with dimensions from Ф250X1800mm to Ф300X2000mm.
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These types of cabins are used large serial production. The powder collecting in these cabins done by two or more cyclones and as many filter units so that the efficiency level can be maintained. They mainly come with painting spaces, two for painting and two for manual correcting if needed.      These cabins are constructed in a combination of steel profiles, inox elements and antistatic materials which allow easy and fast cleaning. The powder paint dose ‘not stick to the surface.
Termostil DOOEL Blatec, Vinica Makedonija