2. Preparation    
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3. Machine features
by Termostil team
                    CNC – Computer controlled machine, is a machine controlled by a computer while performing operations such as boring, cutting, welding, milling, engraving etc. The machine is controlled by entering commands in a numerical form which define the position and speed of the machine and the shape of the object.
The advantage of the CNC machine over the traditional machine is: - Automatic running - Adaptability and precision Automatic running means less labor needed. Adaptability means it can easily be transformed from doing one operation to doing another simply by changing the codes and tools. It’s mathematical defined guidance ensures   grater precision.
           The process begins by defining the shape of the object to make – mathematical definition or a technical drawing on the computer. The CNC programmer will make mathematical definitions to determine the order of operations and tool changes to be made and the speed and the movements in units that the operation will be perform.
     The CNC machine requires precise positioning of the work tool in term of the work piece, the precision is measured in 10th or 100th of a mm. To be able to achieve this, the tool on CNC machine is moved by four stepper or servo motors which enable precise positioning of the rotor in terms of the stator. The rotational motion of the motor into transportable movement by various transmissions: such as gearing belt spindle transmission depending on the needs. The relation between the computer and motors is achieved by adequate electronics.  
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