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Tubular radiators
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Tabular Radiators Professional CNC Machines Painting Cabins With Water Curtains
Cabins And Ciclones For Electrostatic Painting
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        Tubular radiators are made from steel jointed tubes – oval pipe profiles 30x15x1,2 mm and Quadrant pipe profiles 25x25x2 mm. The radiators are made with four standard G ½ connections.    The general heating medium used is water, but you can also use other anti- frost liquids.    The radiators are tested and can withstand pressure of 15 bars, maximum working pressure is 10 bars.    The radiators undergo electro – chemical cleaning, electro – chemical phosphate and passivation. The painting and the paint is dry – heated under 180˚.
          We manufacture professional CNC machines in various sizes and dimensions depending on the needs of the buyer. The Machines can be adapted to work with various materials such as wood, metal, plastic, polyester etc. The machines can be suited with          - CNC Routers          - CNC Plasma Cutters          - CNC welding equipment          - CNC Drills        The machines are constructed from steel pipe profile in combination with alluminium.
          These Cabins are mostly used for painting with liquid paints in combination with vaporizing additives. There main use is in the wooden and metal industry. The cabins made of move segments:      1. Working area      2. Dry filter for liquid paint      3. Water curtain      4. Water filter with sediment      5. Ventilation unit      6. Pump for recirculation the water
    Termostil is a commercial firm founded in the year 2003. In the beginning our basic function  was  the  installment  of  heating ventilation and air conditioning units. In  time  we have grown  into a manufacturing firm with our own products such  as tubular  radiators, painting  cabins  and  CNC machines.  Our goal is to continuously be present on the market, with new and innovative products in the field of high technology.
           The purpose of this unit is the electrostatic applying of powder paint on a treated element, with high rate of paint saving up to 99% and a much cleaner and safer working environment. The unit is composed of a cabin were the actual painting is done, a cyclone with a highly effective paint collector and a filtering unit with special antistatic filters. What makes these units special is there ability is to collect the extra paint which when painting does attach to the treated element.
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