Model NO2-S
Термостил ДООЕЛ 2314, Блатец, Виница Р. Македонија тел. +389 (0)71 331 066
by Termostil team
Standard height H (mm) Standard width L (mm) Connection Testing pressure Maximum temperature Maximum working pressure 825, 970, 1225, 1500 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 700, 800 G 1/2 15 bars 110 C 10 bars Technical data:
- Steel qadrant profile 25*25*2 mm - Steel oval profile 30*15*1,2 mm
Tabular Radiators Profesional CNC Machines Painting Cabins With Water Curtains
Cabins And Ciclones For Electrostatic Painting
Height H (mm)
Width L(mm)
Distance between axis
Number of elements
Wight kg
Volume (L)
Power (W) 90/70/20
           The Radiators TERMOSTIL come packed in a cardboard box together with all the required Accessory for instalment - 3 or 4 plastic console, wall - rivets, screws, mechanical valve, stops and manual for instalment. The radiators are painted with a standard RAL 9016 (white) color.
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