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Tabular Radiators Professional CNC Machines Painting cabins With Water Curtains
Cabins And Ciclones For Electrostatic Painting
                These Cabins are  mostly used  for painting with liquid paints in combination  with vaporizing additives. There main use is in the wooden and metal ndustry. The cabins made of move segments:      1. Working area      2. Dry filter for liquid paint      3. Water curtain      4. Water filter with sediment      5. Ventilation unit      6. Pump for recirculation the water
  The work level of the cabin is raised in terms of the floor in the work space, so the operator is not on same level as the level of the treated object, with that the spreading of paint all over the production area is stopped. The adequate flow and fall of pressure in the ventilation unit allows the operator to be able to work without a mask. The cabin is equipped with rotating stool so that the treated object can be painted from all sides without the operator having to touch it.
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