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Installment and usage:
Standard height H (mm) Standard width L (mm) Connection Testing pressure Maximum temperature Maximum working pressure 825, 970, 1225, 1500 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 700, 800 G 1/2“ 15 bars 110 °C 10 bars Technical data: Models NO1-P NO1-S NO2-P NO2-S
Production proces
- Steel qadrant profile 25*25*2 mm - Steel oval profile 30*15*1,2 mm
- Connecting from one side k = 1.0 - Diagonal connecting k = 1.011 - Connecting from bottom k = 0.959
NO2-P 1500/450
NO1-P 1250/500
NO2-S 970/550
NO1-P 970/600
guarantee 3 Years
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by Termostil team
    The Tubular radiators TERMOSTIL are made from steel jointed pipes profiles.- oval profile 30*15*1.2 mm, quadrant profile 25*25*2 mm. The welding is done in three fazes depending on which operation is in faze: MIG-MAG, TIG and HF (high frequency welding). The hole welding cycle is done by CNC machines.
The radiators are made with four standard G ½ connections. The general heating medium used is water, but you can also use other anti-frost liquids.
       As a treatment before the electrostatic painting is the electrochemical degreasing, electrochemical phosphate and Passivation. The plastification is done by electrostatic applying of powder paint which is dry - heated on 180°. The testing medium used is compressed air at 15 bars.
    The Radiators TERMOSTIL come packed in a cardboard box together with all the required Accessory for instalment - plastic console, wall - rivets, screws, mechanical valve, stops and manual for instalment. The radiator should be stored in a dry and ventilated place.
- Instalment must be according to the  adequate standards and regulations. - The heating fluid must be  softened in according to the regulation for hardness of                                    working fluids. - Emptying the system is not recommended to avoid rust problems. - Installment must done by a qualified and trained worker.
With every radiator come 3 or 4 plastic brackets with which it is safely attached to the surface.
Termostil DOOEL Blatec, Vinica Makedonija
The degree ofefficiency depends on the way the radiator is connected